Essential Wonders Coffee Trivia Coffee Fact #6

There are two types of oils in coffee, good oils and bad oils. The good oils are good for your body and your health, the bad oils are what give you ulcers and stomach problems. To avoid the bad oils in coffee simply use paper filters to minimize the effects.
3rd Jun 2021 The Coffee Guy

Nitrile Gloves, Hand Sanitizer, N-95 Masks and Surgical Mask

Hey Folks,N-95 Masks, Regular Masks, Hand Sanitizer and Nitrile Gloves are finally coming back into stock.  We can all get back to work safely now,  tying a scarf around your face doesn't protect your lungs good enough when roasting and flavoring coffee.  It's good to see that the U.S. work force who uses these masks and gloves daily can start working safely again.
28th May 2020

Essential Wonders Coffee Coronavirus 2020 Update

All of us at E.W. Inc. are working hard to manage the challenges brought on by the Coronavirus. We are here to help you get the products you need during this difficult time.  The fact that we are a small family owned company makes it easier for us to use the safe practices laid out by the CDC and other Government agencies. Our first priority is to keep our employees, distributors, vendors and retail customers safe. We start by practicing social distancing and using enhanced cleaning pract …
22nd Mar 2020 The Coffee Guy