• Comark

    Comark Espresso Frothing Thermometer

    Comark Espresso Frothing Thermometer Ideal for checking milk temperatures in latte, espresso and hot chocolate. Also works as a coffee thermometer. Tough, durable and accurate 1 inch dial thermometer. 5 inch stem. Sturdy clip attaches securely to cups...
  • Everpure

    Everpure Accumulator Tank

    Everpure Accumulator Tank When used with a Flojet Dispenser Pump this will reduce or eliminate pressure surges. Designed specifically for espresso machines and single cup coffee makers. Internal bladder keeps air from dissolving into the water. Small,...
  • Urnex

    Urnex Espresso Machine Round Group Brush

    Espresso Machine Round Group Head Cleaning Brush Ergonomic shape for easy use and effective cleaning. Splash guard to protect hand from hot water. Scoop end provides portion dosing for backflushing (2 scoops = 3g).