Urnex Clearly Coffee Pot Cleaner 12 Bottles

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Urnex Clearly Coffee Pot Cleaner
  • Urnex Clearly Coffee is the perfect solution for dirty coffee pots, airpots, satellites, and thermal servers.
  • Cleans and removes coffee oils and inhibits mineral deposits.
  • For glass bowls, airpots, satellite brewers, and thermal servers.
  • Liquid provides counter top convenience.
  • NSF certified for metal compatibility and safety.
  • Each bottle contains 14 oz of cleaner, each case contains 12 bottles.
  • Sold As: 1 case - 12 Bottles.
Directions For Use
  • 1. Apply 3-4 squirts (approx. 1/4 oz. per 1 gal. of liquid) into vessel to be cleaned, and add very hot (not boiling) water until vessel is full.
  • 2. Use an Urnex specialty brush on tough stains.
  • 3. Empty vessel and rinse thoroughly with water.
  • 4. Air dry or wipe clean before next use.

Clearly Coffee Coffee Pot Cleaners provide users with an easy solution for a broad spectrum of cleaning needs. Recommended for use on glass bowls, airpots, satellite brewers, and thermal servers, Clearly Coffee is designed to remove stale coffee oil residue and ensure consistently great tasting beverages. The liquid formula is ideal for office coffee, kiosk, and break-room applications, while Clearly Coffee Powder is portion packaged for easy use and can clean vessels up to 1.5 gallons in capacity. Its wide range of applications and ease of use makes Clearly Coffee perfect for office coffee programs and other venues in which simplicity is a must.

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